‘Let them give thanks to the Lord for His lovingkindness, and for His wonders to the sons of men!’ (Psalm 107: 8,15,21,31)

Truly, we are thankful to the Lord for His lovingkindness and like David in the Psalms – we believe it bears repeating because God has been so faithful and the wonders which He has performed in our lives and ‘to the sons of men’ over the last few months have been awesome – and we can see His hand at work, even though it has not always been easy!

Where to start? Many of you have contacted us for info and once again we apologize – we have just found it time consuming to keep ahead of all the tasks that have been set before us. However, we are so grateful to those who continue to pray for us even when you do not know the circumstances we find ourselves in, it is so awesome that God knows and hears your prayers on our behalf and continues to show His lovingkindness and to work wonders in our lives.

It has been a busy and exciting summer. In June we saw the first 4 Bible School students graduate!! These men have become a part of us and it will be difficult not to have them return to us in October when we have the next Bible School session but we are so thankful that God continues to guide them and teach them and use them for His kingdom. In late October we will have another session with just one class in attendance but Albert will be traveling through out the winter months to recruit the new students for the spring session. There are many who are waiting to attend and so we ask that you pray that God would make a way for the men who He is calling into ministry to be able to come and study God’s Word.

In July, Elvira made a surprise trip to Canada! Sorry- she was only there for 2 weeks and although she would have loved to touch base with many of you, it was not possible as she was not able to be away long due to ministry and family responsibilities, however, she was able to surprise our son Karl on his 40th birthday and our grandson Kaleb for his 16th birthday! It was a very special time for them and a time of rest for Elvira as the kids blessed her in so many ways. Karl and Patricia and the kids are doing well and God continues to be faithful to them as they are faithful to Him. Please remember to pray for them as both Kaleb and Meghan are now in high school and the pressures of the world are so great!
You may also have heard that our daughter Shauna is planning a wedding! She has met a fine, Christian man from Ethiopia and plan to be married some time this winter as soon as some paper work is completed. We look forward to welcoming Kelo into our family – our family continues to grow in size and color!

We also welcomed a new grand daughter into our family in August! Abigael Stout was born to Frank and Rita, a sister for Timo!! Frank and Rita continue to work in Cluj and we are so blessed that God has chosen to use them for His kingdom and shown His lovingkindness to them in blessing them with a beautiful daughter!

Dana is returning to University this fall and is studying languages so that she will be able to work with the illiterate. Pray for her as she studies and continues to minister to the gypsy nation in the Cluj area.

Valentina has returned back to school. She has entered grade 9 and is attending in Rupea. This was a very big challenge for her as she has been out of school for one year. However, God has given her courage, and friends and she appears to be adjusting. Joshua stays with grandma while Valentina is in school and is also doing well, although he loves his mom and there is much joy when she enters the house!! He has 4 teeth now and is doing well although he continues to have stomach cramps during the night which no one seems to be able to find a solution for. He has grown and is such a joy, a blessing – truly a wonder of God. Valentina was baptized in water this summer and we are so thankful that she has chosen to follow Jesus, leaving her past behind her and looking forward to the things that God has in store for her. She also had Joshua dedicated to the Lord this summer and we ask that you pray with her and us – that God would honor her commitment to Him and use them both for His glory. Valentina has also been added to the praise and worship team at the church in Rupea – so- we continue to see the wonders of God to man – to us and our family!!!

Laurentiu has entered school!! Here it is called class 0 — but is actually the kindergarten final year. He is doing well, takes a leadership role and has a soft and kind heart for those who are hurting, who are smaller, who are less fortunate. We also had him dedicated to the Lord this summer and know God has great plans for his life! He continues to bless us with his helping heart and thoughtfulness towards others.

Because both Valentina and Laurentiu are attending school in Rupea, we have taken a small apartment there as traveling back and forth twice a day, plus for extra for worship practice was too much, especially with a baby who wants to see his mom – so – we are gathering furnishings for our part time home. While this will provide many challenges as we do not care for city living, we are also looking forward to having more Christian fellowship and for the opportunity for the children to have Christian friends as well.

We were blessed to be able to host several children, teen and family camps this summer. We were blessed by an awesome team from Canada who did several of them and are praying that God will cause the seed which was planted to grow – and once again we will see His wonders to man!!

After a difficult year with many health issues – we are believing that they are behind us!! Albert has had super reports from both his knee surgeon and his back surgeon!! The problem of losing weight to decrease the need for further back surgery still exists, however, we are looking forward to continued health for Albert so that he can continue the ministry God has called him to.

Home Bible Study group continues to meet. Several of the families have proven very loyal and determined to learn more about God’s word and we are trusting that through them, the gypsy nation can be reached for the Kingdom of God!

‘Let them give thanks to the Lord for His lovingkindness…’


1. Bible School: thanking God for His faithfulness in seeing 4 men complete the Bible School course as well as for the other men who continue to attend the school
a. praying for the October session – as well as the new intake of men in
the spring of 2015
b. praying for professors to come and share God’s word with the men
c. continuing to pray and believe for funds for expansion of the kitchen and dorm facilities

2. Family: thanking God for His faithfulness to our family- both Canadian and Romanian – for the additions to our family
a. praying for protection for all our children/ grand children as they attend school
b. praying for blessings on our adult children in their places of work/ministry
c. praying for adjustment to city life and that God would use us in His service to the people there as the fields are white to harvest!

3. Health: thanking God for His healing touch on Albert’s body and that He continues to give strength to minister – whether it be standing up – or sitting down — God is faithful!
a. praying for continued healing and strength for Albert
b. also praying for healing for Elvira as she continues to suffer from a lot of pain in her back and legs as well as having several other issues
c. Joshua continues to suffer from cramps during the night- and although we have looked for medical help no one appears to have a solution – looking to God!

4. Bible Study Group: thanking God for the faithful individuals who are hungry to know more about God and how to live lives for His glory
a. praying for committed people who can withstand the persecution of their neighbors, families and friends and will commit their lives completely to God
b. praying for wisdom for Albert as he leads the people and trains leaders to minister to their own people

‘Let them give thanks to the Lord for His lovingkindness, and for His wonders to the sons of men!’
(Psalm 107: 8,15,21,31)

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2019 has been one of those years, seems we have been through it all, and someone kindly reminded me recently that we have not sent out a newsletter since Christmas of last year and that people can not know how to pray without hearing from us. Although Albert has sent some updates, we do apologize, there just does not seem to be enough time to juggle all the duties and maintain the home and ministry! However, we covet your prayers and are so thankful for those of you who continue to stand behind us, in prayer, in encouragement and financially and so we will give you a brief update on what has been happening in our lives this year!

Albert travelled to Canada in March and was blessed to be able to catch up with some of you then and was sorry he was not able to see more of you. However, there just does not seem to be enough time to see everyone! When he arrived in Romania, he was in a lot of pain and says something happened on the flight, perhaps a pinched nerve in the neck/ back from sitting in close quarters for such a long time!

In June, we moved out of the Rupea apartment as the church pastor and his new wife were in need of the apartment. Immediately after, we ran the June semester of Bible School and were once again blessed by God’s faithfulness in providing professors and we continue to see the students grow – although not without facing many personal challenges of their own! The young man who has done maintenance and translating for us over the last 7 years decided he wanted to move on and try something else, leaving us with no regular help. On the Monday after Bible School we went out to New Hope Camp to get it ready for camps and on the trip home, something snapped in Albert’s back, while driving, leaving him unable to move his right leg and arm. By the time he arrived home, with God doing the driving — he was unable to weight bear and had to be moved by wheel chair, into the kitchen, where he had to remain until we could get him transported to Bucharest to the hospital. After a 10 day stint of a multitude of tests, the doctors determined that he needed surgery but that his muscles and physical condition would not permit surgery at this time. Albert attempted travelling into Brasov for kinetic therapy but the length of trip and the bad condition of the road made the trips useless. We were then led to a private kinetic therapy hospital where he was able to stay and after 6 weeks, gained some of the use of his right leg and hand. He continues to do therapy/ exercises at home and is slowly gaining strength and muscle mass. The doctors are amazed and pleased with the improvement and we give the glory to God and pray for continued improvement and strength.
So, with Albert in hospital all summer and no maintenance worker, Laurentiu and Elvira were left to keep the 2 yards and campsite in some sort of order! With hospital trips to visit Albert, trying to get all the boxes from Rupea unpacked, medical calls and trying to keep 2 very energetic boys entertained, Elvira was very busy, often running only on God’s strength (which is not a bad place to be), but there just was no energy left for other activities! However, once again, God showed His faithfulness and gave the needed strength and energy to do the things which had to be done! So thankful for His unending love and patience for us!

In August, Valentina decided that she wanted to get married and there was no talking her out of it. So, Elvira took Albert out of hospital for the day and we travelled to Sibiu for a wedding at the justice of peace. We pray God’s blessings on Valentina and Octavian (Tavi) and pray that they will make God centre of their lives! At present they are living with Tavi’s mother but hoping to get their own apartment next year. Tavi has started a job and Valentina will be returning to university as well as working part time. Joshua will be staying with us for the time being as they do not have the resources or help to be able to take care of him at this time. They plan to come home for weekends so that Joshua does not miss his mother so badly.

Because of the bad education system in Romania and the special situations of our boys, we have decided to try and home school them this year! A big undertaking!! Please pray for wisdom and patience and everything else that is needed to make this a good experience for all of us! Words of wisdom from any of you who have done this would be appreciated as we never thought we would be home schooling and have always stood in awe of people who are able to do this!
In July, Frank and Rita had, a baby girl, Rahela, sister to Timo and Abi! She is beautiful and a blessing to their family. In January, Dana and Alyn will give us another granddaughter!! Our family continues to grow! We are so blessed! We were able to spend a day with them all in Turgu Mures recently and it was awesome to see how God has worked in their lives and how He continues to bless them and their ministries.

In October, we will have another Bible School semester and Albert hopes to start a new class. We are thankful that God continues to provide professors and we are praying for young men who are ready and willing to serve God and to give of their time to become disciples and leaders that will bring honour and glory to the Kingdom of God.

Albert is back on the schedule for teaching/preaching in the gypsy churches. His first evening back they had more people than ever and witnessed many healings and God touched many lives. Even in hospital, Albert took every opportunity to share God’s word and to witness to those who were around him, including the visiting pope (priest)! Although we do not understand the things we go through, we know that God has a plan and wants to reach everyone with His love and knowledge of His saving grace!

Because of Albert’s physical disabilities, and the fact that we do not plan to return to Canada in the near future, we have realized that it would be beneficial to add an addition to the ground floor level of our home as we have no bathroom facilities there and Albert – and Elvira both struggle with the many stairs in our home. We would like to add a bathroom and bedroom so that we do not have to deal with the stairs. During the time that Albert was unable to move, our kitchen became a bedroom – bathroom! Needless to say, we are looking for financial aid as well as help to do this ($30,000.00 Cdn). We know that God sees the need and will supply!

Unfortunately, we also have to tell you that we continue to struggle financially. We recognize that we have not been able to visit Canada as many of you would like and due to all the things going on in our lives, we also have not kept you informed as we would like to. We pray you would understand and prayerfully consider helping us in this area. We appreciate each one of you and the sacrifices you make to help us spread the gospel and love of God here in Romania.

Though we have been through much this year already, we continue to thank God that no matter what comes our way – He continues to protect and provide and walks with us each step of the way! We depend on His strength and know He loves us enough to see us through each difficulty, each struggle and we give Him glory and praise Him for His faithfulness.

Extending God’s love in Romania – Albert and Elvira Enns


1. HEALTH: Thankful that God continues to give strength to do His work, even with pain in our bodies!
-Pray for complete healing for Albert and no more pain! For strength and wisdom!
2. BIBLE SCHOOL: Thankful for the faithful professors who continue to give of their time and resources to teach and speak into the lives of the students God has sent us..
-Pray that God will send new students and that He will give them all they need to dedicate their time and lives to serving Him.
– Pray for traveling mercies as Albert travels throughout Romania itinerating for students over the next 6 weeks.
3. CHURCH MINISTRY; Thankful for the opportunity to minister to the gypsy community. Pray for wisdom for Albert as He brings the Word of God and its truths to the hungry people.
4. HOME SCHOOLING: Pray for wisdom as we try to teach Joshua and Laurentiu at home.
5. FAMILY: Thankful for our family! Thankful for each new member who God brings to us – son in law – grand children! We are blessed! Pray that those around us would see the love of Jesus in our family!
6. FINANCES: Thankful for God’s faithfulness in providing for our daily needs even when it seems that the needs are bigger than the resources — God finds a way to make them meet!
7. PRAY: For God’s direction in how you can be prayerfully, physically and financially involved in the ministry God has given us here in Romania!

Albert and Elvira Enns – Extending God’s Hands in Romania!

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