– The campsite is developed to present a week of enjoyment for the underprivileged children of Romania (Gypsy churches, orphanages and street kid ministries).
– We facilitate the campsite and are not involved in the programming of the camp.
– The campsite is located 12 km west of the village of Comana de Jos.
– Site includes football field
– Site includes net for volleyball
– Site includes shower facilities (Male & Female separate stalls)
– Site includes toilets (Male & Female separate)
– Good clean water is available at a mountain spring 1/4 km from campsite
– Site includes kitchen facility with pots but NO DISHES
– Site includes tables and benches for cafeteria, craft programs, games.
– Site includes a pavilion that is 16M long

– Bookings are for “ONE WEEK ONLY”
– Campsite open from June 15 – Sept 15 every year
– Bookings are done over
phone: 0760-289515
– Organizations come with their own program
– Come with your own leaders to preform activities
– Come with your own tents and sleeping attire
– Come with your own toiletry items, soap, toilet paper, shampoo, toothpaste etc.
– Come with your own food supplies for the week
– Come with your own cups, plates and cutlery
– Book-in time is from Monday 10 am and on
– Check-out time is Saturday 2 pm

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