Bible School

  • In the year 2002 a Bible School for Gypsies was started to develop fundamental foundational teaching for them so that they would be better equipped to reach their people with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
    • The Bible School is a non-denominational setting where Kingdom of God principals are taught. Established traditional beliefs are not taught or discussed because of the various backgrounds of the students.
    • The professors who teach in the Bible School come from various denominational backgrounds and come from countries such as Holland, England, America, Romania and Canada.
    • The Bible School requirements are very low, as for the most part the students are not very highly educated. Illiteracy amongst the gypsies of Romania is at about 80%. Most gypsies if they went to school dropped out after class eight. Therefore the academic level of teaching is established to reach this group of people.
    • In 2008 Church Leadership Training Center (Crihalma) joined with Eastern European Bible College (EEBC) so as to facilitate the need of presenting an accredited Diploma to the students as the complete their studies successfully.

      The curriculum use in the Bible School is that of EEBC.


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