Foster Care

Family Life

  • Valentina came to the Enns’ at the age of three months in November 1998. She came malnutitioned and very sick. She is nothing short of a miracle of God as she is very intelligent and is now in good health.
    • Dana came to the Enns’ in February 1999 at the age of ten after her mother died. The Enns’ raised & educated her till she reached the age of 19 at which time she choose to leave home and be on her own.She is now teaching school for a ministry in Cluj to her own people.
    • Rita came to the Enns’ in February 1999 at the age of sixteen after her mother died. Dana and Rita are sisters. She is a well-mannered young adult seeking a fulfilled life serving the God she loves so much. She left the care of the Enns’ in 2005 to be a missionary to her own culture first in Medias and now in Cluj
      Rita is now married to a fine young man from Holland who is also a missionary to Romanian Gypsies in the city of Cluj..
    • In 2008 we took another child into our home. This time it’s a young lad that was 4 months old and was left in the hospital for dead by his parents. He will be 4 years old on February 02, 2012 and this little fellow is the further-est thing from dead, he keeps Elvira & Albert on their toes 24/7/365!!! He brings much joy into our ministry.
    • These are those that are in our permanent care but there are so many others that the Enns’ are parents to on a daily bases. For the most part the gypsy kids receive no or little love at home simply because their parents do not know how to love. These parents have never received love so it is difficult if not impossible for them to give love so this is where the Enns’ fit into their lives.

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