October 2017 Newsletter



“But now, this is what the Lord says —. . .Fear not, for I have redeemed you: I have called you by name: you are mine. When you pass though the waters, I will be with you: and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned: . . .For I am the Lord, your God, the Holy One of Israel, your Savior: . . .” (Isaiah 43: 1-43) “You are my witnesses”, declares the Lord, “and my servant whom I have chosen, … “that I am God.” (Isaiah 10-12).

Twenty one years ago we were called to Romania, to extend our hands, hearts and lives with God’s love to the people of Romania. These verses in Isaiah were prophesied over us then and today, as we continue to face a multitude of challenges, of attacks, as we feel we are walking through the fire and passing thorough the waters we are reminded of God’s promises – to protect us, to walk with us, to allow us to be His witnesses –that He is God, that He is in control even when things seem to be out of control, He has a plan and no one can stand in the way of the Almighty God!

This past year – which is not yet over – has brought more challenges than we thought possible in one year! Challenges which sometimes have felt like they would drown us, overcome us with flames and certainly have brought much discouragement and perhaps even fear, fear that the enemy will have his way and we will be destroyed by materialism, the departing from God’s Word in the churches, the attitude that everything is acceptable by Christians, the feeling that we are standing alone and fighting the battle single handed and no one wants to take a stand for righteousness, for truth, for decency, for obedience to God’s Word! And yet we know, that as Christians are dying for their beliefs in some countries, as babies are being murdered, as Biblical doctrines are being distorted in order to live sinful lives, GOD is in control! We are His witnesses — He is God and His ways are right and He will deliver us from all the evil that is around us!

In March of 2017, we expected our new ministry building to be completed in order to begin a new Leadership Training class. It was not and we were very sad to cancel and disappoint many men who are waiting to come and study God’s Word. Finishing date was then promised for June and then October and now, one week away from the fall session, there are only minor finishing touches to be done. This has caused much stress and disappointment, not only for us, but also for the students waiting to enter. We feel like we have been tried by fire to arrive at completion, perhaps getting slightly burned along the way – but- God is in control, why the delay, we do not understand but know that He does and that His timing is perfect and His plans are perfect and awesome! So – October 23rd we have a Bible School session, not with a new class but – trusting that will happen in March after Albert has had time to travel and recruit and confirm the men that God has chosen to attend the new class. On the 28th we will be having a graduation ceremony when 2 more of our students have completed all the requirement and we look forward to a day of blessings – on the men as they go out and put into practice the things which they have learned during the past 5 years! Also blessings as we use the new building on a trial basis to make sure that everything is as needed to start a much bigger class, praying that all the students will continue and our dropout rate will be lower. We thank you for standing behind us during this time, financially, prayerfully and with moral support!

We are so honored to be part of the lives of some of our previously graduated students, one who has started a new church plant with his new wife, another who has headed out to scout the area of Moldova as a place of ministry with his new wife and several others who are faithfully leading in their community churches and bringing leadership with a Biblical foundation into the lives of the people God has called them to serve. Please continue to pray for these students, that God would give wisdom, direction and lead them where He calls, that they might be witnesses to the fact that He is God!

Albert was called to Canada this spring as his elderly father was not doing well physically and although we were concerned about his physical ailments, we were more concerned with his spiritual condition – which was not in accord with God’s desires — that no man should perish! After Albert spent some hours with him, showing him God’s word and praying with him, his father committed his life to Jesus! So thankful for those of you who were praying! Although his father went through much physical suffering since then, we are so happy to report that he remains strong in his new faith in God and is waiting for God to take him home! Recently we have received word that he is doing better and we pray that his testimony to God’s faithfulness will reach many others who need to receive the power of God’s love and forgiveness in their lives! May his father be God’s witness – that He is God!

The same day that Albert’s father was giving his heart and life to Jesus, our son Karl fell ill to an attack of some unknown virus which left him paralyzed and in extreme pain. We do believe that Satan was not happy to lose Albert’s father and therefore attacked our son. The doctors did not know what to do for our son as he continued to get worse and they could not find any medication to stop the attack. However, once again our God was victorious and prayers were answered as the medication started to take affect and slowly the swelling in his body went down and he regained some use of his legs. His wife and family were under extreme stress but we thank God that they know God is in control and were able to put their trust in Him and He continued to uphold them and strengthen them! Karl still has some difficulty walking and has pain upon too much exertion but we are believing for full recovery and that he too will testify to the healing power of our God!

Valentina has had some struggles with life, finding peer pressure hard to resist as she does not have a lot of Christian fellowship. However, she continues to attend teen program, sing and play in the worship team, worked with teams doing summer programs for the gypsy children, does translating in the church when needed and is currently in a leadership training program in the church we attend. We need much wisdom as life is not the same for teenagers as it was when we were teens!! But, God is in control, His word has not changed and we are witnesses to the work that God is doing in her! Laurentiu is doing fairly well in school even though he finds it way too much work to do his homework each day but is a hard worker when asked to do manual labour. May he work hard for God! Joshua has started attending kindergarten and loves it even though grandma finds it lonely without his cheerful smile and willingness to give a kiss and hug whenever one is needed – which some days is often!

Frank and Rita and family are doing an awesome job in the garbage dump of Pata Rut. We are so thankful for the work that God is doing through them. Dana is teaching again this year and although she finds it a challenge to teach kids who really do not want to learn, she is making a difference and God is extending His love through her and her efforts and we pray that each student that she has will be a witness to the love of God working through her!

We were very sad recently to lose another missionary couple to their home land and another couple who leave in the new year. Progress is very slow here and challenges can pull all the energy and strength out of one. We feel a big hole in our lives – but thank God for the time He gave us to minister with them know that God will continue to grow that seeds that they planted and use it for His glory!

“When I (God) act, who can reverse it?” (Isaiah 43:13b)


1. HEALTH: Thankful for the strength that God gives to do the tasks He asks of us! However, Albert has had increased pain in his back making walking very difficult. The doctor wanted to do surgery but because of his weight decided that it was too dangerous and that he must lose alot of weight before they considered it. Weight loss, did not come easy and so Albert decided to have a stomach sleeve operation done. Thanks to each one of you who contibuted to the funds to make this possible. After surgery weight loss was very quick but has slowed down considerably and so we wait for God to put the finishing touches to the operation so that Albert can lose the weight to take the pressure off of his spine and preferably make another surgery unnessesary or make it possible if that is what is needed. Thanks for your continued prayers!

2. BIBLE SCHOOL BUILDING PROJECT: Thankful that the last touches are nearly done and the building is ready for use! It is beautiful and we thank God for all of you who made it possible and continue to bless us with funds for the increased cost in maintaining it especially over the winter months as it is a large facility. Please pray that God’s annointing would fill the building and each person that enters through the doorway would receive His power and anointing and strength to go forth and be His witnesses and bring others into the Kingdom of God because of their testimony!

3. BIBLE SCHOOL: Thankful for the students who have committed to return in October for classes. Pray for them and their families, that God would provide all and above what is needed to live and work for Him! Pray for the professors who continue to give of their time and knowledge to guide the students into knowing God’s Word and give them courage to receive what they learn and to pass it on!

4. CHILDREN: Thankful for the children and grandchildren that God has planted into our lives and hearts! Thankful for His love and care for them. Pray for wisdom to guide them and strength for them to resist the evil that surrounds them – that they can be witnesses to the fact that He is indeed God and that He loves them and cares for each aspect of their lives!

5. FINANCES: Thankful that God continues to supply even though it sometimes looks like there will not be enough funds to continue! Thanks to each one of you who sacrifice so that we can extend the love of God to the people in Romania! May God continue to bless you and know that you are precious and honored in His sight because He loves you – and us – and the people around the world!

Albert and Elvira Enns – Extended Hands Ministries – Romania

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